Why I Don't Use Social (Much) Social Media

Hint it mainly comes down to privacy!

To be clear, I don't actively avoid all forms of social media - I have a Reddit account, above I have my Twitch account linked. I have a Twitter account that I use to follow my favorite cybersecurity and industry people and companies. But my main concern when it comes to social media is being able to protect my privacy (as much as I can) on the internet. The thing in common about all the social sites above is they don't require you to use your real identity to use the site. This is in contrast to Facebook, where if they suspect you are using a Pseudonym will require you to verify your identity. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica Scandal, I deleted my Facebook account and have not used any of their services since.

All free forms of social media, and even those you pay for, collect user's personal information. While in 2019, it is near impossible to prevent all forms of data uptake, there are many steps I take to limit the collection of data. Browser plugins such as uBlock Origin and the EFF's Privacy Badger go a long way for helping minimize that on the web.

Network ad blockers such as a Pi-hole will go a long way to reducing the amount of data collection modern operating systems such as Windows 10 and Android will do. Just look at the amount of lookups blocked at the network edge of my home network!

Pi Hole DNS Blocks