About Me

I am a driven Linux administrator with a passion for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) who loves to design and build fault-tolerant, scalable, and secure systems. Maintaining security and privacy are first and foremost in environments I design.

I grew up learning Linux, having first used it since Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft and have been learning everything I could since then. Back then it was installing Linux on my parent's old Pentium 3, and has since grown to a small cluster of dual Xeon rack servers of hyperconverged highly available compute and storage, Ubiquiti switches and access points, and a pfSense firewall to round it off.

My main workstation at home is running a stripped-down version of Arch Linux with a self-compiled bleeding edge kernel, which then runs a Linux or Windows 10 virtual machine on KVM with PCIe passthrough for networking, graphics, and USB, depending on what I am doing at the time (gaming or programming/tinkering). This runs off a ZFS Raid 10 volume which allows me to make snapshots before large OS changes - goodbye Windows 10 update nightmares!

Work Experience

I have been fortunate enough to work in a variety of environments, from desktops - both Linux and Windows - to large deployments of servers.

Colorado State University

Department of Computer Science

As an undergraduate systems administrator in the Department of Computer Science, I was in charge of racking or deploying new hardware that was provisioned, installing the requested OS, and running updates. Duties also included hardware and software troubleshooting, file backup and restoration, and reserving sections of the desktop machines for compute usage for graduate students running simulations. In this position I managed around 300 Red Hat Enterprise and Fedora servers, as well as around 550 Fedora desktops.

Engineering Technology Services

I spent most of my undergraduate time working as a Labs Technician and Supervisor in the College of Engineering. I learned the many challenges of deploying hundreds of Engineering applications on a single Windows install (did you know Windows has a max path length of 256 characters, and each application likes to add its own entry to the path‽). In this position I managed around 350 Windows workstations.

As a supervisor, I managed 2 teams of 5 people, one team was the Lab Assistants, who handled maintaining the lab's cleanliness and printers, and one team of Lab Technicians, who diagnosed and fixed any software and hardware issues in the labs. With over 150 Engineering packages, many had odd conflicts with one another or required specific configuration of the computers. Before I left, I implemented a monitoring solution to help increase uptime of the desktop systems in the labs and identify any bad actors such as cryptocurrency mining operations. I also managed a fleet of Raspberry Pi interactive signage for the Labs to show reservations using Ansible.

State of Florida - Department of Management Services

Division of State Technology

Currently, I help my team manage over 800 virtual and physical machines providing services to agencies around the State of Florida. We deploy a hybrid cloud approach with VMware vSphere on premise, and AWS for public cloud deployments. Duties include provisioning of new machines built-to-order, patching all managed systems, troubleshooting hardware and software issues, maintaining uptime and delivery SLAs, and decommissioning systems. I am currently leading a project to add all systems to be under Ansible for ease of management and homogeny.